Quick Booster Coils


This page provides a very quick way to view the drawing, rate, and price any of the Booster Coils available to the user.  It is also a quick way to add the coil to any project. 


Select the Project you wish to work in, the using the Quick Menu, click on Booster. 


I want to select Booster Coil # 328, so it is found in the list, and clicked on.  Notice the part number in the box above the CFM/Coil shows the appropriate Model.


If you want to see the Drawing, Click the Drawing Button. 


If you want to Rate this coil, Select the appropriate values and press the Rate Button. 


If you want to save this coil to your open project, click the ‘Save to..’ (our example is Save to 100149), and  it will be saved into the project.  Remember to Tag your item appropriately.