Setting up Your Company Information and users.



Using the 'My Company' Tab, place your information in the boxes as appropriate and save.  You can edit this information later if needed.  Note:  If you are using the pricing option, the initial Company information will be downloaded from the RAE Servers during installation.  You will need to sign on as administrator to make any changes to this screen.






Your Company Personnel.


Edit your personnel by finding the logon id in the drop down, and making the changes as required.  Remember to Save the information as changed.





Adding a new Sales Person

on the above screen, click the New Tab, and then the New Button.


You will be given the above screen, and you insert the information as requred.  What is a SuperUser?  If you want this user to see the projects generated by other users, make them a SuperUser.  If you want this user to not see other's work, leave the box unchecked.  Remember to Save the information.