How do I log on to the Total Package.


Immediately after you install the Total Package, by default, you can use the Total Package with Company ID of '0000', and User ID 'guest', and password 'guest'.  By default, your Data Location is Default. 



For further flexibility, and for future project sharing, you may wish to have your datafiles in a more central location where others may access them.  You can do this by downloading the RAEProjects.mdb file from the internet, and place it in a place of your choosing.  Using the Browse button of the 'My Data Location' group, identify the file and open it, and it will become the repository of all your future projects.


Notice the data location in this example is 'C:\RAEProjects.mdb'.  In real life you may put this on a server or any other location of your choosing.



If you are using the Total Package and wish to price your items, you will need a special username and password from RAE, and internet connection.  RAE will provide you with credentials automatically, and give you permissions to use the pricing, and order placement features (to be discussed later).