How do you find a project from long ago? If you can identify some ranges about the project, you may be able to limit the number of items displayed in the project list to help you find the project.


Using the filter fields below, put in values that will help you home in on your project. Keep the filters broad at first until you home in, because it will be very easy to get your search so tight you may find nothing.


The search fields are sefl-explanatory. Use of the wild cards is not.


The '%' Character is a wild card, allowing you to put it in place of one or many characters.


Let's say we are looking for 'RAE Corporation' in the Customer name. If we can't remember the name exactly, we can use the wild card to help us. There are several ways we can use it.


                     At the beginning: Using the phrase %Corporation, we would find everything in our list beginning with ANY CHARACTERS as long as Corporation is at the very end of the string. RAE Corporation, My Corporation, ABCCorporation (yes, no space) would all be found if they were in the list.


                     At the end: Using R%, we will find any string that begins with R, regardless of what follows. RAE Corporation, RAPID movers would be found.


                     At both ends: Using %Co%, you would return any string beginning and ending with any characters, as long as somewhere in the string, there were the letters Co.


and there are other ways, but you see the pattern.


You can use wild cards in any of the fields below, except the date fields.