The Total Package 2 How Do I...?


Set up MY COMPANY information (address, phone, multiplier, etc) and add users to my company?

Set up information for customers I do business with (My Contact Companies)?

Use the 'Quick' to work with Booster Coils?

In a Project, select my 'Sell to', 'Invoice to', and 'Ship to' customers?

Use Super Select to get a Rating?

Find a project I did before, but can't remember which one it is. How can I narrow down the list of projects to look in?

Move a coil I selected and saved in the WorkArea (or any project) into an other project?

I'm a broker, I always Invoice to my company. How can I make the program put my information in the 'Invoice To' fields by default?

Send or Retrieve a Project

Install Special Updates from RAE?

Unsure? Ask Margo!

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